Living in the Now

Living in the moment does not mean to be explicitly concerned with matters that only occur within a short span of time, because “now” does not have a consistent definition. It could be a second, an hour, a day, or even a year to some. Numbers are inadequate. “Now” is a state of being rather than a time span. Now can be measured in quality of life, in the current state of being and connections: friends, relationships, and locations that are regarded as positive. So living in the now really means fully investing ourselves without letting preoccupations take precedence over actions. Doing instead of thinking. Truly living in the now is reckless, it’s unmeasured, and unregulated. It’s an attempt from the standardized human culture to deregulate ourselves and return to what can be seen as the core of existence—seeing, feeling, and believing. It’s returning to a higher level of instinctive nature. Instinct is oftentimes mistakenly looked at as the limited definition of physical survival. But human survival, human flourishing, cannot be limited to merely living to see the next day. It is so dependent upon actually seeing the day. Feeling it. Believing in it. If it were not, culture—interpretations of life and our place in it—in itself would not exist. To thrive, we need something more than survival. We need something that cannot be quantified by numbers or laws. The intangible—the feeling of being encompassed, of being a part of something bigger than yourself, the actual uneasiness of not knowing or being able to place your finger on how or why, but just doing and being and letting the struggle to know go—that is living in the now.


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