Action vs. Knowledge, and “Now”

All of our lives we are mandated by others and by our own well being to look ahead and to anticipate what is to come. We are told to be cautious, be prepared and to be fully aware of how to take the next step. What we don’t realize however, is that we are not prepared, never were, nor ever will be. The disconnect between knowledge and action is vast, but we must act if knowledge is to ever come alive. In itself, knowledge is useless, for it does not come through in action, it can be argued that said knowledge did not and does not exist to begin with. To know but not utilize is to not be. You do not need to know, to be prepared, and to look so far ahead that you lose your ability to see right in front of you and react, not anticipate. Original experience does not arise from the stagnant knowledge of expectation. Expectation in life is necessary to live to see tomorrow, but action in life is necessary to live to see right now. If you cannot feel right now, see right now and be right now, it can be argued that you do not exist. To act is to be, but to only anticipate makes you nothing more than the continual turning of blank pages, void of any ink that defines a life worth living.


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