Living a Life for Others

Essentially, living a life for others is the only type of life worth living. If a life is only lived for oneself, who is to say that that life is right, is just, or even worth living if that life does not have an impact on others? Humans are essentially self interested and will thus in a sense live a life for themselves to physically survive, but to even come close to fulfilling one’s conception of the meaning of life, others, defined as other souls other beings, and other embodiments of something greater than we can fathom must not merely be taken into consideration but must be lived for. The soul must be willingly shared to really even be a soul. The separation between only feeling and what is truly felt can close if one’s soul allows itself to not be its own. A soul can only serve its true purpose if every time we interact with another being, a piece of our soul is willingly given up and shared. A true person is one whose soul, whose entire life, is a mosaic. Although some pieces are cracked and some misshapen, they are beautiful. They serve their purpose. They all hold a special place in the work of art that they compose. Each piece comes from someone else, and even though some people may have a soul with fewer pieces than another, we cannot compare. Comparison is the downfall of the modern being. Each soul is different, special, is created by and for more than one person and ultimately creates the beautiful work of art that life really is.Life cannot exist without other life, and it will not. If the emotions, actions, consequences, and realities of living for another person are even taken into consideration when acting, there is hope to be found in the world. It makes no sense to see the world in a darker light when all we need to do is look into the face of a friend and see all.


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