Success and Potential

Success is all too often measured by tangible outcome and end result. What measured and standardized “success” fails to represent is the journey, and that success is not one point in time independent from the context from which it came. Success is not a result, but is rather continuous and not achieved alone. Maybe the definitions of success and achievement are misleading in themselves, prompting one to believe that at a singular moment, that equilibrium we strive for has been reached. But that is false. Success is achieved every day. Every breath, every step, and every action, whether regarded as positive or negative, is a success. A person’s “potential” or possibility is the truest indicator of success. Potential and the driving actions behind potential are the components that define a singular “success.” Having potential to do good, to be entrusted by a higher power to make even the slightest impact on others encountered, and with your own well being and happiness serving as merely a positive consequence and not motivation, is what success truly is.


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