In Defense of the Thinker

The world functions in an imperfect balance, one comprised of doers, thinkers, and those that perform both capacities. Doers are often scorned for being too rash, thinkers for not being active enough, and as expected, those that both think and do are raised on a pedestal. I will not write to demean the thinker-doer or raise up the doer. I will rather write in defense of the thinker. The intangible and unspoken motivations of those that “do,” by the definition, are not put forth by the doers. They are originally put forth by the thinkers. Thinking is not regarded as doing often enough. Thinking, dreaming, imagining, and hypothesizing are by no means the most direct way of achieving in the short term, but will make or break when long-term balance of the human’s existence and way of existence is taken into consideration. What is the human without his capacity to dream beyond doing and to imagine a reach that exceeds his grasp? The impossible has not and will not be achieved by becoming complacent with the possible, and the thinker serve as a middleman between those that do and the concepts that they act upon.


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