Hope is a powerful thing. Although explicitly human in its nature, something about it transcends anything that can even be categorized as human. Hope allows one to see in a new light, to catch a glimmer of something more in even the darkest of situations. Hope is potential with emotion, and not objectivity, as its driving power. There is nothing objective about hope. It is entirely subjective and context-dependent and perhaps that is the only thing about it that makes it “human.” A key defining feature that makes humans essentially human is imperfection. Being human allows for imperfections; rather, it expects them and creates avenues to make up for any voids as best it can. But hope is perfect. Hope is what you make it to be and allow it to be. It is a gift. To have hope is to allow yourself to see through the eyes of a higher power, whether that higher power is perceived to be God or not. It is not unrealistic, but rather an unobstructed view of how your world could and will be, if only you open your heart, your mind, and your eyes to what the soul sees. Hope is the vision of the soul; it is the pure knowledge and certainty of something more than what is at hand, and the faith that “more” is no further away than a simple change in direction.


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