Challenges cannot be looked at as something adverse to the ultimate goal that we may be striving for. Challenges rather, are extensions of the very capacities of our being. Whereas setbacks put a person in reverse with regard to what they want and what they are capable of, a challenge is rather a positive force—something set in front of us to overcome by transcending what we think is possible of ourselves. A challenge is a forced recognition of what is and what needs to be done, and a catalyst for the process of growth. When given a challenge there are two options: to internalize, or to take what is given and use it to modify one’s being, or to externalize, to lay the opportunity down, and lay its blame on an external factor. The latter choice will render the individual static and incapable of growth. The former however, will allow one to lay waste to any preconceived notions of what is possible, and extend his or her capacities to the point of being level with the challenge, and ultimately surpassing it.


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