Looking Back

Maybe life is something that is meant to be looked back upon just as much as it is meant to be experienced moment by moment. Why is man enabled to acquire wisdom, hindsight, and memory? He is equally, if not more, equipped to look back on his younger times, whether “younger” is yesterday, a week ago, or ten years ago, as he is to create the moments that constitute a past. Love, friendship, experience; they are all crucial components of a fully lived life and are those that transcend time, body, and human existence. They are the pieces of life that render time nothing more than a shadow—something that gradually expands and shifts, not something that distinguishes and separates. So waste not a moment attempting to avoid looking back, but rather receive life and love and all they have to offer in whichever form they are presented; relish the fact that life enables you to look back on the things you allowed to define the person you are and will be.


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