Differences in Inherent Situations

Disparities and inequalities in living situations, being situations, and the overall arena that a person is born into in contrast with another person may not seem justified. It may seem that we should all be born equal, have equal opportunities, or all be allowed to pursue the same options. This may be true on a surface analysis, but it also defies the very essence of being human and why people rely on other people so much to survive. What one person lacks, another person is able to fill, in the sense that a human being is an incomplete puzzle, and those that we include in our lives are the missing pieces. Many times, we have to try over and over to find the piece for a particular situation, but along the way we find that the piece fits perfectly in another. In the sense that “everything happens for a reason,” every interaction and every friendship happens for a reason. The reason is to fill, and to make the person as whole as we are all intended to be, as full as we can be, with the knowledge and confidence that every step we take will be matched by that of a friend at our side.


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