In a lot of ways, the truth really does set you free. However, being set free does not always mean that you were a captive, but rather, truth enables you to see things how they were meant to be seen and how they should be seen. Truth in its highest form is more of realization of equilibrium between the mind, heart and external factors. Truth is the action of being met halfway unopposed. It is not always as groundbreaking and dramatic as it is mad out to be, but s rather specific to every individual and his circumstance, and can be as “everyday” as a shared laugh or a smile lent to another. Truth is not a singular force that is definite for every single person, but is rather an active state of being; it is a state of living in its most unobscured form. The world will not be changed at a singular moment, but rather when truth is realized in the sense that every individual can discover his or her own truth and use their own equilibrium to help others discover theirs.


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