The Importance of Uncertainty

Defining uncertainty is tough to do. In many situations it means the absence of knowledge of what is to come, but whatever “uncertainty” lacks in concrete knowledge, it makes up for in potential—a human capacity that could be worth more than all of the knowledge in the world. Being uncertain is what drives us all to explore, to be, and to live. Not knowing what is next makes life itself that much more dynamic and worthwhile once we do get to a place where we can say that we are happy. As much as being happy is being certain in where you are, happiness also constitutes the knowledge that though you may be uncertain, you are going somewhere, doing something, and being someone. Allow yourself to be a little uncertain in the next step, but be confident when taking that step. Push forward most importantly with confidence in self, but also with confidence in others, knowing that the journey to the person you have become and will be has set up an unobstructed path to the rest of your life.


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