God In Others

Many times in times of doubt, hardship, or simply just need in any form, one looks to God. Although God is known to be a singular force to be talked to, reasoned with, and looked to, something about the way human relationships work lead to the possibility that God is not always the singular force he is made out to be. The give and take of friendship and the underlying love in it indicate that many times, in a life that has been set up as will allow, God manifests himself in those around us. Man has been said to have been created in the likeness of God. This is not only a statement of the physical, but of the intellectual and spiritual. It is a testament to the good nature of human beings and the powers we truly encompass: abilities to make another feel good, feel better, and just feel. God presents himself to us in many ways and one that needs to be explored is His presence in other human beings as well as in ourselves. Faith comes in many forms, and substantial evidence leads to the conclusion that friendship could be the highest form of faith there is.


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