Team means a lot more than a collection of individuals that are set out to achieve a specific goal. Team means laughter. It means tears. It means a group of guaranteed friends when all else fails. It is something to look forward to. It is something to look back on and smile at. A true team is a collection of hearts and souls that are not only poured out for one another, but are poured out for that common goal. Sometimes the goal is met, and sometimes it is not, but whether or not that end product is what we initially thought it would be, the journey is what defines us. The end product a lot of the time is the person and people we have become as a result of our interactions with others: our friendships, our fights, our jokes, and most importantly our memories. God gave us memories that we might have roses in December, so let winter rage on. Because no matter what the future holds, no one can take away what we had and the times that whether we like it or not, began to define each and every one of us, and that will define us for as long as we keep those flowers in bloom.


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