Why People Need Other People

It is astounding how rarely the following question comes up: why do humans need other humans to thrive? Can man not live on his own accord, following his own thoughts, taking responsibility for his own actions, and living the way he intends to—without other people? The short answer to this question is no. He can do all of the aforementioned things, rather should do all of the aforementioned things, but they can not be achieved to their full capacity without others. “Others” in this case serve as more than enablers; in other words, people act as more than handrails and stepping stones for other people on their way to achieving goals. Other people serve as motivations, as rewards, and as support systems as well as enablers. Perhaps people are enablers because they can serve multiple functions; they allow other people to thrive simply because they can be whatever is called of them at the time.

When we act as enablers, there is no way we ourselves could define how we are being utilized—are we someone else’s inspiration? Reward for achieving something? Punishment for doing wrong? Regardless of how or why, we permit thriving simply by living. It is a common understanding that human interaction is inevitable, and because interaction is natural and man naturally seeks to thrive, interaction and thriving are correlated. Humans need other humans because man cannot thrive through the sole means of self-motivation. Self-motivation in itself is born from the nurturing of other man. A child is not born into the world equipped to thrive; he or she grows in accordance to the world and surrounding people. The question is broad but self-serving; man needs other man simply because he cannot truly exist without someone else to, at the very least, coexist with.


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