Being Inspired

A lot of the time I’m not really sure what inspires us to be better. I think everyone experiences it—those times when you physically feel whole, and almost light inside and are sure of that fact that you really are capable of anything and everything. The feeling tends to be fleeting; it never really seems to last long enough, but maybe that’s what keeps us chasing. Chasing “better,” chasing “perfect,” and really, just chasing life. Chasing ourselves and who we could and should be. It doesn’t matter what inspires you. Half the time I don’t even think we really remember what it was that sparked the next step to do something great, to be something great. Allow yourself to feel this, but never fear if the sparks feel too few and far between. They are there. There are signs all around, so don’t miss a single one. Keep your mind, ears, eyes, and heart open. Keep your soul free. Who knows if your next spark will extend beyond that initial fleeting moment and become more than you thought could be. If you chase the spark, you eventually catch the fire.


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