A lot of us wonder what in Earth we could possibly do to make some sort of impact or difference in the world at some point in our lives. There are a lot of things we can do. But first and foremost, we must determine what we believe in. We must establish a base for ourselves, our thoughts, and our actions because without belief and without a firm stance on what the world looks like through our own two eyes, there is no way anyone will be able to make a difference. Nothing is bettered without opposing ideas and collaboration, and the world needs different points of view, different passions and different ways of seeing the world and interpreting its problems. Belief is the basis of change. There are so many things to believe in, but God, just believe in something. I believe in saying the words “I love you” too much. I believe that every single person has the ability to change the world. I believe in songs that have meaning, but I also believe in letting yourself go mindless and listening to the trashy stuff, too. I believe that you will never discover what you love, dislike, are good at, or are not good at unless you try. I believe in the power of love and optimism. I believe in real friendship. I believe in drunken and sober talks about life. I believe in questioning everything. I believe in thinking, and thinking a lot. I believe that love can change the way people see the world, so love ultimately can change the world itself. And most importantly, I believe in belief.


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