The Power of Love

People are powerful. Every person on Earth has the capability to affect so many things around them, most importantly, other people. One power that is so essential to human thriving and that holds an immense amount of weight in the way life functions is the power of love. No other human capacity can have impact like love does. Love is both the language of the soul and the music of the heart, and can spur healing, growth, and a level of existence unachievable without its presence. When a person stumbles upon and chooses to both love and be loved, it makes them better and makes them capable of more than they realize. Without love, man is like a garden without a gardener—fully capable of blossoming but controlled by the uncontrollable; its fate is put in the hands of chance. With love, man is a garden that is well-tended—he has purpose and will certainly blossom and be brought to his full potential. His colors are brighter and stalks are stronger because of it. Love brings about a certain assuredness; it brings peace to the mind and fire to the heart. It leaves us both vulnerable and powerful, but most importantly, it fills a part of ourselves we never even knew was missing. It makes us whole. The type of power love encompasses is scary, in the sense that before love we are who we are, but during love, that person is abandoned and we are transformed into the person that we could be.


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