I think that we’re all born to share. Some of us share through what we create, others share who they are and what they know, but it is undeniably clear that whatever we do, whoever and wherever we are, something about our social nature mandates that we share with our fellow man. It is only through sharing that we realize how much we do not know but simultaneously how much there is to know. On the journey to betterment, which I think is big part of what life is, bettering ourselves, others, and the world that we are a art of, knowledge is the tool that will allow is to make the most of it. Not even knowledge as a set of facts presented in a formal setting, but knowledge as curiosity and sharing who we are with other people, and allowing them to do the same with us. There is a lot to learn and a lot to know; each one of us has been entrusted with a talent, and in order for us to understand each other better, we must share to learn and learn to share ourselves.


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