Doing What You Love

So often there seems to be an unfair disparity between what we want and what is considered right. Usually, to be considered right means to be accepted by whichever society you have chosen to buy into, and to meet little resistance while going about your actions. Being considered right in the way that you live however, is oftentimes painful because many times we act oppositely of what we feel and what our hearts tell us to do, because if we do what our hearts say, we will undoubtedly meet resistance. Here’s the trick though—the resistance we expect to meet is that from a society or a way of life that we have bought into ourselves; we buy into it but we do not have to. So much so, that we allow it to define our actions and dictate to us what we should and should not do. It seems as though our culture is obsessed with the concept of not following the path of least resistance, but our actions overwhelmingly tread the same path that has been created by countless others before us. This is not to demean any individual ways of life that happen to unfold in the same way that many did before them. Rather, it should serve to inspire those who want to do what their heart tells them to but society tells them they shouldn’t. We all play into and by into a specific set of unwritten rules every day we decide to get out of bed but if these rules do not coincide with where our passions lie, we need to have the courage to stand up and walk away. It is okay to say no. It is not easy, but no long-term happiness was ever achieved by agreeing to a way of life that was not made for you.


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