Reflective Questions

In the future, maybe not in five years, maybe not in ten or fifteen, or even in fifty, but eventually, we’re going to look back on our lives and say…was that it? Was that worth it? Did I do all I could when I could and for who I could with the time that I had? Did I make the most out of every day, even if it meant getting some bumps and bruises and shedding a few tears? Did I leave my heart open and let love in? Did I take chances on things and on people, did I love unconditionally and not allow my bad experiences in the world to alter the way I see things? Was I vigilant? Did I stand up for what I believed in? Was I open to change even if it changed my routine a little bit? Was I a real friend? Did I really live? The world can drive us all a little crazy, but do not let examining your past do the same. Make your journey one where you can look back and answer…yes.


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