Events of Remembrance

There are distinct points in time, events rather, that hold a certain weight for a person, and serve as a certain fixation. Those events are rather ordinary, vary for everyone, but have one thing in common—they occur on a regular basis and provide us an opportunity to examine our lives. It could be a daily shower or a holiday that comes but once a year, but they are a fixed part of an individual’s life. I’ll call them events of remembrance. These events, when reached and experienced, cause a sudden realization within the human being; the time between the event and the last time it occurred suddenly seemed to have passed by a little too quickly. The event evokes the thought—“already?” Perhaps we fixate on the events of remembrance because they are something regular and something expected. They slow down time in our minds and in our souls. They allow us to reflect on all that has happened since the last time, and what we would like to happen before the next time. We all like to say that time passes a little too quickly. Maybe it does. But maybe we allow time, or the idea of it, to define how we live and think, when what we should be doing is finding more of our own events where time stops, and when it slows down just enough for us to get a glimpse of what it is like to live a truly examined life.


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