A Change in Plans

Changes in plans…they tend to happen a lot. It’s not like we ever expect everything to go according to plan, but it doesn’t stop us from wanting it to. While we’re out doing the best we can, life happens. Our plans change because they become intertwined with the plans of those we choose to surround ourselves with and invest ourselves in. But a change in plans is good; it is something to be excited about. When our plans change, it forces us to look at our own lives in ways we hadn’t before, and a lot of the time maybe in ways that we should’ve been all along. Do not get frustrated when your plans change, because change is part of what we are all chasing—it is an integral part of the struggle, but is more importantly part of the reward.


*Inspired by a conversation with Nicole Rau:
“A change in plans isn’t something to freak out about, but rather something to be excited about.”


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