You’re Living. Aren’t You?

We’re always out there trying to do our best and to make each day as alive as we can, and as full as we can. We live our lives to the fullest…don’t we? Never mistake living your life to the fullest as having to humanly attempt to be a saint or martyr. Living your life as meaningfully as possible begins with the ability to look at your situation and smile. It means having faith. Finding good in all the world’s evils is no easy task, but that first step separates those who do and those who do not, those who can and who cannot, and those that will and will not. Needless to say, life throws us everything it’s got. Will you let that break you? Or will you hold fast to your beliefs, hopes, and dreams, and after all is said and done, say you acted and did not sit idly by? Shared and did not let your thoughts waste? Felt and did not shut yourself off from experience, good or bad? Did you allow yourself to be vulnerable and view your situation from an unobstructed lens? Living does not result from guarding against possibility, but rather, life is a result of forward action. Life comes from living. Do not fear you are living “wrong,” for you are living…aren’t you?


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