Look around. What, if anything or anyone you have come to know, is the same as when you first encountered? There’s the old saying that the only constant is change. But why? Is it evolutionary? Is it natural? People change. Our habits, attitudes, and emotions seem to be in a continuous “shift” mode, one that keeps us going. Change keeps us going. It could be that change is natural because it keeps the innerworkings of our own beings alive. Change, expected, planned, spontaneous, or otherwise, allows us to stay on our toes and prepared to accept the next challenge that the world has to offer. Being able to alter ourselves, our thoughts, and our feelings enables us to be more. A world, an individual, that constantly adapts is one that leaves more and more room to better itself. No one ever achieves through the same exact means and ways for the entirety of their lives; it is only through allowing ourselves to view our world from someone else’s eyes and then act on it that we ever get anywhere, that anything really gets anywhere. By refusing, consciously or subconsciously, to stay in the same place, we move forward, we see more, we deny less, and we learn to embrace the new that comes our way—simply because we are not where we were when we started. Simply because of the fact that we are moving.


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