Individual Meanings of Life

Human faith and resolve is strong. We can’t put a finger or a figure on why we believe and why we continually put faith, hope and the well being of our lives into love, friendship, and human relation. But we’re content with seeing and thinking and hoping and praying. Point blank is we may never know how or why. We may never what the goal of humanity is on universal ground. But maybe that’s not the point—knowing the meaning of life on a universal level. We won’t know it, but this is what makes the meaning of life universal—that maybe the point is to find our own how and why, and to live, breathe, and act upon that. Faith in our own reality, faith in self, and faith in others that we encounter is the lifeblood that keeps us all moving. It keeps us looking forward to tomorrow. It could be that that’s the goal…not to just live to see tomorrow but to want to see tomorrow and to want to see it through our own two eyes. What if the point is for us all to look forward to tomorrow, but to never look forward, have faith in, or act upon the same tomorrow?


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