Pieces of Love

I know what love is because I have smiled, laughed, cried, gotten butterflies, looked forward to, reminisced, and wanted to better myself because of other people. I have looked past imperfections and have seen the best in others, and have also taken notice of flaws and seen the worst, as I am certain has been done of me. I have witnessed the change love brings, the need and want it brings, and both the vulnerability and power it forces one to experience. I have been broken down but I have also been built back up. I have seen love inspire selflessness. I have been asked multiple times why I believe so strongly in the power of love. The only way I can think of even coming close to explaining why is in the simple reason that I experience the bits and pieces that compose “love” as I live my life. I experience some pieces every day, some once in a while, and some hardly ever. Love is ingrained in us all and in all of our “every days” if we only decide to look at it that way. So what is love? I’m not really sure anyone is capable of providing a universal definition. Because love is as specific as it is global, as composed of little pieces as it is whole, and as indescribable as it can be described.


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