Strong at the Broken Places

Hemingway wrote that “the world breaks everyone and that afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” Being broken at one point or another is inevitably part of living life. Truth is that eventually, by someone or something that is a part of it, the world will break you. It is a part of the continual cycle of destruction and re-growth that allows the world and allows us to move forward and evolve. When we choose to grow strong at the broken places, we do so because a lot of the time the parts of us that are most vulnerable to being broken are also those that are most essential to our lives. Parts of us are broken—not shattered—but broken down into their essential pieces that lay the foundation for our beliefs and simultaneously create a perfect platform for change. What else is there to do but build when all you have are pieces?  Say your heart is broken. More often than not, you will not perpetually use this as an excuse for a sacrifice of any love that is to come your way again. Rather, you will be forced to re-examine your definition of love, and change its meaning or function to you so you can avoid the same kind of break again. We discover the ways and means that must be changed, and a lot becomes clearer. We become stronger when we become more sure. Growing strong at our broken places does not refer to a sort of blunt, numb shelter that time brings to an ignored hurt, but it means reconstruction, redefinition, and renewal. When it becomes clear to us that maybe we were broken solely for the reason that it would force us to change, it also undoubtedly becomes clear how to turn our weakness to strength, and stand up once more.


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