Living as the Crow Flies

When was the last time you looked at the direction your life was headed in and saw that it led directly to what you wanted? Maybe you do all the time. Maybe you’ve never. For those who see more of a meandering path than a direct route, I couldn’t really tell you why we all like to complicate our lives so much. A lot of us act like we don’t know what we really want, but why? To be like everyone else who has no idea where their lives are headed? To give ourselves an excuse to embrace the fear of failure and let it dictate what we allow ourselves to try? To give ourselves a reason for why it didn’t all work out the way we wanted it to? To avoid responsibility for our lives under the pretense that we were just going where the wind decided to take us? You know where you want to go, so go. Don’t complicate it—find what makes you happy. Find who makes you happy. When you put it all on the line, there is nothing to lose. Chase the life you want with those who make your life better and make you want to be better. Make it simple—live your life and love your life, and don’t waste your precious time under the notion that you don’t know yourself or the world would not accept you if you did.


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