How to Flourish

It is natural to get caught up in your everyday life, in the little things, the unimportant things, and the things that make us want to pull our hair out. I would even argue that from time to time we should be preoccupied with these things, and that preoccupation is essential to our flourishing as human beings. But what differentiates the man who is and the man who is not, is not how he flourishes, but rather what drives him to flourish. Why he flourishes. Have eternal motives—reverence for life, love for fellow man, and a will to be better—and you will flourish eternally. Have fleeting motives however—thoughts of your fellow man, words of your fellow man, and a desire to be better for vain reasons—and rest assured your flourishing will be fleeting as well. There are aspects of life that are perpetual and will blur the lines between ages and generations, and will be able to stand the tests of time. These are matters with which you should primarily concern yourself. These will serve to heal, to innovate, and to better. Do not let your human ways control your motives, but do not allow your motives to allow you to lose touch with what it means to be human.


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