Out of Context

It’s surprising how much we learn about ourselves when we, as individuals, are “taken out of context” and put in places and in situations that we are unfamiliar with. When we take a few steps away from what we know, we find that as people we are put in a much brighter light, in the sense that it becomes a little bit easier to see what and whom we love and for what and whom we will stand for. Essentially, you learn more about yourself when you are set aside from what you have allowed to define you. It’s part of life to be defined by places, people, and experiences you have become accustomed to, but it’s a part of growth to take yourself out of and away from these places, people, and experiences, and define yourself from an isolated standpoint. We should all do this from time to time—take ourselves away, temporarily close the door on what we know, and open the one that is unmarked. For if you have the courage to experience only yourself, no door will ever be locked.


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