The Limit does not Exist

Exceed your limitations. Go beyond. Surpass your limits. Some of the greatest minds have heralded going above and beyond for a very long time. Using the traditional definition of limits, surpassing them is impossible. However, the trick lies in the double meaning. Though they are obstacles, ceilings that for one reason or another we cannot seem to rise above, we can. Limits are not extremas of what you can and cannot do, but rather extremas of what has been done. They are not testaments to the possible but to the achieved. They mark what has been done but say nothing about what can be done—limits do not exist if you do not let them, and if you do what you did not think you could. A limit cannot be set on that which as not been dreamt, and constraints cannot be placed upon that which has not been done, for there is no standard for the possible.


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