Haters Gonna Hate: Why not to Worry

Can’t is a funny word. It is oftentimes used as a way to cover ignorance and lack of self-motivation, confidence, intellect, and responsibility. Those who deny the abilities of others do so to put themselves out of the spotlight and away from the scrutiny that comes with chasing dreams and taking risks. When people follow and share their passion, it is truly a sight to see, and makes for an easy target for those who have achieved less or not achieved because of fear or incompetence. We do our best to follow our dreams, and some are lucky enough to travel the road unobstructed. Perhaps the path to what you want is clear, but I can almost assure you that a flawless journey will not be the case if what you’re chasing is worthwhile. As soon as somebody says you can’t, it is amazing how much clearer our aspirations become, and if you allow it to, negative does nothing more than highlight the positive. Life is full of checks and balances, and one such check to dreams is negative energy. Your dreams will test you and challenge you to fight, and oftentimes will do so through the words of the naysayers. The will to fight must not be lost when faced with the ignorance of those who underestimate and do not realize the strength of both your resolve and will. The power of the individual is too often lost, too often cracked under the weight of doubt. When the world becomes a little bit heavy and your dreams a little out of reach, it is not the time to rest, but to rise. That is the time to dream bigger and reach farther. To the ignorant, a mountain is an obstacle, but to the driven, it is just one more reason to rise.


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