Faith, Hope, and the Human Story

Our stories, as much as they exist due to our actions, are just as equally created by the hope that we hold on to. Humans are hard-wired for optimism; there is not much that can explain how or why we are capable of believing in brighter days, able to see the good in the worst, and completely capable of turning a situation around, if only we choose to. The human story continues not because of what we do and who we are—the tangible, but what we dream to do and hope to be—the intangible. The ability to look ahead is one that creates a platform for something better. It is what gives us the strength, no matter how lost or how broken, to take another step for faith that the step brings us closer to something, to anything. It is what gives us the strength, no matter what the world or the people in it have proven to us, to dream. Have faith in the hopes you hold and instill your hope in the faith you have in the world. With both, you will be content in the knowledge that the next rising sun is no longer than a day away.


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