Live to Discover, not to Know

How much and to what extent do we really know ourselves? What does it mean to really know ourselves? Maybe our lives are not intended to be individual quests for knowledge, but rather quests for discovery. Searching with the intent of reaching an ultimate and final answer will yield nothing but frustration. One answer will not be found, and would never suffice even if it could be. However, searching with the intent to learn and to search even more will yield a hunger that builds upon itself, one that refuses to be put to rest and fuels the human spirit. Allowing yourself to discover and allowing yourself to change because of these discoveries is what knowing yourself is all about—it means setting yourself free. The more you know yourself, the more you know humanity, the more you know God, and the more you figure out how to live. Learning how to live is no more than letting ourselves become a different person than we were yesterday. How far have we really come if we view the world from the same vantage point as we did for our entire lives leading up to today? The way you have lived has brought you to this day. If you do not allow yourself to be affected and discover a different you, how do you know that the way you are living will lead you to tomorrow?


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