Closer to the Sun

Possibly the most important component of human growth is interaction with other people. Because growth and betterment are integral to being human, we are drawn, either by choice or by chance, to those who will in one way or another, now or in time, will make us better. Finding the flaws in ourselves can happen through positive interaction where we are bettered simply by being around and being challenged by those who are better than us, or even through negative interaction, where mistakes we have made through interacting and the mistakes others have made because of us force us to examine ourselves and the way we live, and change in order to avoid those mistakes in the future. We are drawn to others because for some reason and in due time, they will become a part of us, a part that is better. We become better because the light we see in those we are drawn to shines through us, and from then on we can’t help but live brighter.


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