Home in the Heart

Popular opinion says that having a single home is optimal for growth. I think that statement can be challenged because the definition of home can be challenged. Home in its truest form is not a place but a state of being facilitated and defined by a physical place, and is no more concrete than is the soul inside of the physical body. Home does not necessarily mean that everything is familiar and everything runs smoothly while you are “there.” Above all, home can and should be defined by the people you surround yourself with while in this state of being. But what is the state of being itself? It cannot be put into words, but experiences. Home is being fully aware and fully present without consciously having to choose to do so. It is going to sleep and waking up exhausted because you did everything you could do with the people you were with, even if you did nothing. Home is wishing there were more hours in the day, instead of wishing the hours away. Home is having an inner peace and an inner freedom, the kind that is only found when your day is freckled with moments of belief that everything is possible. I guess they say “home is where the heart is” for a reason. When we love, are loved, make mistakes, learn, grow, and do so with and around those who bring out an inner light in us, they become our heart. Greatness and goodness can be found in all, if only they find their way home.


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