Happiness: Here and Now

One of the most important parts of being truly happy is being truly aware and giving of yourself in that awareness. Being present doesn’t mean forgetting about the past or not wondering about the future. Rather, it means you use what has come before and the possibility of what will come after now to allow yourself to be immersed and act on it. Being happy is not abandoning tears shed, losing touch with our old stories, or trying to compare a current state of happiness to another time where we said we were happy. Happiness is subjective, and your happiness now is no better nor worse than it was before—it is perfect in this moment and you are perfect in this moment. It is by remaining open to the possibility that there could be something better than what was that keeps us all moving.  It means embracing the fact that every step and misstep you have taken has led you to the here and now. It is in that here and now, with others who fuel that state of being, that we find heaven underneath our feet.


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