Find but Don’t Search

Finding without looking—seems like a contradiction doesn’t it? Seems unfair that we could discover without putting in the gruntwork or be rewarded but not searching. The tricky part however, is that not looking is the hard part. Anyone is able to wander towards the general vicinity of what they are supposed to do and what society says they should. It takes courage to stop looking and forcing when all else tells you that is exactly what you should be doing. There is a reason inspiration is found and not achieved. The purest of life’s experiences come when our guard is let down because it is then that we are, whether by choice or not, open to the world and to what is around us—simply because of the fact that we have no expectations. When we are not anticipating, all preconceived notions are thrown to the wind and experiences reaches its fullest potential and is most effective. Acting on passion and instinct is not a conscious decision but a conscience decision. You owe it to yourself, if no one else, to follow your heart and your heart alone. Why squander energy searching for the predetermined when what is meant to be will be if we live our lives in faith?


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