You’re Ready

I think that the here and now always arrives at just the right time because all of our actions have led us to this point, and whether or not we feel prepared for the present, we are. Life throws curveballs, but there is also a part of life that is merciful—that will not give you something you cannot handle. A common fallacy in attempting to understand life is succumbing to the notion that life’s unpredictability is interchangeable with the idea that it is unnecessarily unfair. The claim that life is unfair cannot be denied. It is extremely unfair. But unfair is also what creates good and what spawns growth of mankind. It forces the one with the cards stacked against him to evaluate who he is, who he wants to be, and for whom and what he will stand for. You may not feel ready for a situation, but when life forces you to re-evaluate and use what you’ve got, you have no choice but to be ready. In that sense, you are never ill-prepared. Something about life gives you the tools you need to face anything thrown at you, whether or not you have recognized them as tools yet.


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