Stumbling Upon Happiness

Whether you have experienced it or not, the notion of finding happiness without really looking for it is tough to wrap your head around. When you live your life in hope that you are living well, living right, and living with an undying faith in the good of the world, you begin to believe that sooner or later, the world will show the same faith in you. Never doubt that it will. This faith is called happiness. When you do receive it, your individual world is level and even.  Your mind, composed of your beliefs, hopes, and dreams, matches your heart, composed of your feelings, which matches your surroundings and circumstance. Happiness doesn’t come from just simply liking your situation. Nor is happiness a destination, achieved after a culmination of both good and bad experiences, times that have both tried your mind and your heart but also let them rejoice. It can be found over and over again, just like inspiration, and can be looked at as karma of sorts. Give faith and you will receive faith. When you stumble upon happiness, you know so because you are able to look out into the chaos of the world or even the chaos of your own life, and your soul is quiet. It is content, and you could not imagine living any other life but your own.


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