Why Change is Good

Change is indicative of growth, not of failure. If you ever find yourself in a position where life is not what you knew life to be, where the position you are in is unfamiliar to you, and where you are faced to make choices and decisions that you never thought you would, do not fear. Change is dynamic in the sense that in order for a person to grow, he must change along with and in accordance to his situation that has changed. If most of us had our way, once we found a place where we could say we were happy, we’d never want to change. The error in this temptation is lack of foresight. Most of us were happy as infants. How did we know any different? We had no idea of the greatness that lay before us, and with that greatness the struggles, hardships, but ultimate rewards that life would bring. To render yourself static, reluctant to change, and complacent is to put yourself in a position of zero potential. The great was never achieved through complacency, and life was never truly lived without occasionally looking towards the horizon.


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