The Value of Not Doing Work

The value in life lies not in doing what we have to do in order to survive, but in doing what gives our survival its value. When we set our agendas and our must-do ideals to the side and instead now and again do what gives us pleasure, what puts us into contact with other people, and what drives our souls, our existences become more. Our lives become less of merely doing to survive and more of doing to be. No matter how quickly we complete our to-do lists, and how many X’s reside on our calendars, there will always be more to do and even more to cross off and put behind us. However, when we focus less on completing and putting behind and more on putting forward, on acting in order to remember and not to forget, then we become closer to being whole, and avoid wasting another day as a merely a tool to society. If it hasn’t already happened, there will come a day soon when there is too much to do and not enough time to do it all. Ask yourself this: do I need to do this to survive, or to live? If the answer is to merely survive, then you must ask yourself whether it is more important to survive or to really live.


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