Why Other People Are Crucial to Experiencing Your Own Life

Life and experience are two words that are often used to explain the specific, but are more universal than they may appear. The two words are mutually dependent on one another, for without life there is no experience and without experience there is no life. Experience here can be defined as a situation that is taken into account by an individual using multiple senses. Experience can “happen” to a person, but does experience really exist without other people to share it with? Try to think about the last time you laughed, a joyful experience. Odds are you were either with people who shared the experience with you—you became happy as a direct result of other people to share your happiness with, or you experienced something and proceeded to share it with others—you became happy and passed it on to others. The purpose of this is to provide common ground, for when we take others’ experiences into account, we are able to see through their eyes and they through ours. When experience is universal, understanding is achieved. Experience always involves more than one life, and becomes “life” as a universal when shared with others.


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