Forget the Short-Term

With so many people in the world, so many thoughts, feelings, interactions, motives, and underpinnings that drive us all, life gets overwhelming sometimes. There is so much to keep in balance and so much to do just in order to be composed enough to again keep everything in order tomorrow. Much of our concerns are transitory and when looked at in a grander scheme, mean nothing. A common error I think we all commit in living our day to day lives is trying to live for everybody else. Trying to do what will keep our little worlds in equilibrium, and how could we be faulted for that? Naturally we want our lives to run smoothly, function perfectly, and well, just plain work. However, there reaches a time when we need to live for ourselves and make decisions based on what will and does make us truly happy, regardless of what we are expected to do—by ourselves and by those around us. Live your life regardless of the short term effects, the short term downfalls, and just plain regardless of the short term. What is crucial to our success as human beings is not concerning ourselves with that which will not stand the test of time and hold weight once that time passes, but with that which is eternal—people, experiences, and decisions that enable and empower our souls to grow, our minds to expand, and our hearts to be open to the world around us.


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