The Journey After the Action Speaks Louder than the Action

I think if we all lived our lives and made our judgments on the way things were, on the events that have occurred, and the way people used to be, we’d never be able to look forward or see the world in a good light. If we fixate on what is done and not what strides are being made in order to better, we’ll always be stuck. The world and people themselves evolve simply because of the concepts of forgiveness and growth. By placing emphasis on the journey, on what positive actions are being performed to recognize mistakes, we are able to clear mindedly see what steps need to be taken. Acknowledging mistakes is the hardest part. Taking responsibility for what you have done and allowing the blame to be laid on yourself if need be is no easy task, but the ability to do so is what marks and differentiates a person that is capable of growth from a person who will go no further from the state of being they are in. Finding the good in the world cannot be done by merely examining the concrete, but also taking a look at the more dynamic journey that takes place immediately after. Being able to see in a positive light requires the examination the “post-actions,” or the things done afterwards, and from there, making the judgment.


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