The Opportunity to Live

How many of us under-utilize the opportunity we have to live? Sure, this question could be extremely subjective in the sense that the definition of “living” varies, but on a level deeper than surface, the root of the definition is universal. Living is taking advantage of what you have, when you have it, and where you are. How many times have we pressed snooze to put off facing what the world has to offer? Or, how many times have we just gone through the motions of our everyday lives, waiting for that magical moment where it all gets “better?” Right now is that “better.” When we put off life’s experiences until tomorrow, sooner or later the number of tomorrows that once seemed endless become limited, and we lay waste to the greatest gift of all: today. Today is a gift because today gives us a choice. It is a choice to either be fully immersed in ourselves and in those around us, or sit around and wait for life to discover us, which will never happen without action. It is a gift because for each and every one of us, today has come at the perfect time. It has been waiting for us our entire lives, so we need to take a hold of it. There are far too many people that would take our spots in life if they could, but the reality is that they cannot. So why not make the most out of our own realities? Nobody else can or will.


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