The Game of Life

It seems that a lot of life is spent preparing, saving, and becoming ready for tomorrow; it seems that we live in a constant state of “warming up.” We do what we are supposed to do, say the right things, get ourselves on the track that will lead us to wherever we are supposed to go, and hold back our passions a little bit until our lives begin. So the question is…when do our lives really start? When is it time for the warm-up to end and for us to take the field and give it everything we’ve got? The answer is now. In life, there is no practice, no warm-up, and no drills that allow us to begin with a clean slate when it “matters.” There will be a point where each one of us realizes that there is not one moment in life more important than the next—we realize that it all matters. When we live, when we play the game of life, the slate cannot ever be clean if we intend to ever truly be. Errors happen, but we are better because of them. Sometimes a teammate will quit, a head coach retires and a new one steps in, and the way we played that we thought was right the entire time turns out to be completely wrong. But for every teammate that quits, every mentor that exits our lives quietly, and every change in living that we make, there is a new friend waiting for us to meet and change our lives, a new role model that is looking for the empty space under his wing to be filled, and great results waiting for us because of our willingness to change. Success happens too, and we are more driven because of it. The great thing about really allowing yourself to play the game of life is that you never have to try out, you never have to retire, and from the very moment you choose to be until your last breath, you are the star of the team.


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