Happiness is a Horizon to Chase

Journeying away from what you know and what you think you know in order to find more in life is never an easy thing, but there reaches a point where you realize that the only thing standing between you and being truly happy is yourself. It does not mean that you are in your own way or are some kind of obstacle, but rather that in order to take a step forward, you must make the conscious decision to do so. When you figure out that the only right action is forward action, that to achieve something you must do something, and that the people who are or were in your life were placed there for a reason, then you are ready to make the first step. Life is to short to waste a day lamenting over what you do not have or what you have left behind, because when you journey towards happiness, you will find that journeying requires taking steps—in turn, these steps lead you to a place that is not nearly the same place that you began. It won’t be easy, and the beginning of any journey is surely the hardest part. We never really know what’s coming next do we? But when you realize that somewhere between the conscious decision to live and reaching your destination (which, you’ll find you never really do) you have found yourself, embrace it. A day walking towards the horizon is never wasted for the horizon is always there—it is in realizing that the world is not flat and that there will always be a sunset for us to chase that we ever become truly happy.


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