Failure: No Such Thing

Sometimes it’s easy to want to not try. There are a lot of what-ifs out there in the world, a lot of mistakes waiting to be made, wrong words waiting to be said, criticism waiting to be received. You know when you don’t try, it’s easy to be safe, to look out on your own little world content with that which you did not attempt. In the eyes of the complacent, that which was not attempted is equivalent to that which was not failed at, and is a success. But what the complacent do not realize is what the brave do: that which we have not attempted IS that which we have failed at. If success were measured in the number of times heartbreak and disappointment were avoided, then it would not be nearly as sweet once we achieve active success—success that overcomes disappointment, defeats heartbreak, and defies the odds. What is life without challenge? Success without failure overcome? Love without risk? And what is risk, but a calculated action that renders an individual prepared to lose all, but ready to gain everything? Imagine what you could do if you could not fail, and put it into action. For every failure there is something gained, yet for every lack of effort there is another opportunity lost. Each day that we live is one less day for the rest of our lives to happen. So when will you start the rest of your life?


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