Seeing the World Perfectly

We live in an age of relativity, where there is no such thing as absolute truth, absolute objectivity, absolute perfection, or absolute good. We are measured for and against other people, other ideals, and other situations and our success as a human being is not weighed against the ultimate, but against the next best, compared to that which as been deemed as “good as it gets.” However, the view of our world as this against that, is one that ultimately may render the world completely static with regards to progression and totally circular in its path to betterment. When we strive towards the tangible, that which as been achieved before our journey, the odds of becoming better than we thought possible are reduced to none. To truly progress as humans, we must see the world perfectly and believe in the absolute. To believe in the absolute is to instill faith in the unseen and give way for ourselves to strive towards perfection, allowing us to achieve not that we found impossible, but that which we thought could not exist. Maybe perfection does not exist, but if we allow ourselves to see life as it could be, and as it ultimately should be, we will never find ourselves caught in the shadows of yesterday, but rather at the forefront of tomorrow.


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